The Big Red Chair Presents…

Two Workshops That May Mean Kisses Under the Mistletoe this YEAR!

Come join me at The Carmel Foundation in beautiful


Saturday, September 24, 2017

1pm-2pm  “A Dating Primer for Grown-ups”

Are you over 55 and want to find someone to love…again? There’s a way to do that and have fun on the journey. Come join others who want to learn more about how to date successfully, enjoy yourself, and find the perfectly imperfect person who will add something beautiful to your life.

Cost is 15.00 per person

*If you’re intrigued and want to hear more from those who’ve taken the steps to date again…come to this workshop that follows.

2pm-4pm  “I Just Haven’t Found Him/Her Yet”

Been trying to find love, feeling disappointed and confused about why you haven’t had the success you’d hoped for?

Disappointment is normal in this process of dating. It is also the thing that will dampen your motivation to keep at it. So, come join others and share your stories, so that you can correct course, learn some new information about how to increase the likelihood of success, and help you to remember to enjoy the journey! There will be some great tips and new ways of thinking that will get you back on the path.

Cost is 30.00 per person

Sign up online at or call Member Services at 831-824-1588

I look so forward to seeing you there…