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This is Donna!
I’m a coach, speaker and writer with years of personal dating and relationship experience, a Master’s in Human Development with a specialty in gender differences, training by Masters and Johnson and passion for helping men and women discover the joy that healthy relationships bring.
Are you an adventurous romantic who’s ready to find the next love of your life and you aren’t sure how? Exhausted with watching sunsets alone. Asking how you can attract just the right person this time around? 

I can show you how to find the love you so deserve!

Here’s what we can do together!

Looking for an amazing, passionate speaker for your professional organization?

Let me tailor the perfect presentation guaranteed to capture the hearts of your audience…

“Finding Love Again”

It’s impossible to fail at love. Love is ageless and it’s never too late.  With every ending, there’s  a juicy new beginning! 
Are you tired of watching sunsets alone? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to share a glass of wine by the fire again? Believe it’s possible? Are you ready to do whatever it takes to find someone to share this chapter of your amazing life? Really ready?? Then, let me be your partner on the journey to loving again. 
Together we will discover what old beliefs and messages are blocking your path to a new and wonderful relationship. We’ll develop a personalized plan, not a paint-by-numbers approach that will give you the clarity you need to find your perfect match. Love is all around you. There’s no scarcity. All you need to do is get ready for the adventure of finding your next love. I’ll be right there with you. 


“I’m Sexy, Strong and Busy…and Longing for Love”

It can be challenging to find love in this overworking world. Climbing ladders, traveling the world and sleeping alone? Are there men out there who truly love strong women? Can you have a relationship and still be successful? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to hear, “Hey! How was your day?”
It’s truly possible to find a loving partner to share this busy but exciting chapter of your life. It takes more than wishing. You’ll have to make time in your life to find him/her. It can happen when you are ready to do what it takes and identify what might be getting between you and love.
When you’re ready, I’ll be your guide through the hills and valleys of finding and keeping love. It is so worth it!  Close your eyes and imagine how it will feel.

frog with crownOur past can’t be erased, only embraced



“From Tinder to Tender”

So, you found a great person! Now,what can you do to make it last? Men and women communicate differently, show love in very different ways and don’t have the same operating system when it comes to relationships.
Enhance the odds that this new relationship will bring you both happiness and fun as you learn more about each other. 


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