My clients say…

The Big Red Chair Worked for Me…




“I have referred Donna to clients, friends and family members. I cannot praise her enough for the help and guidance she has provided. Donna quickly become a trusted advocate and shares her years of experience helping people through the many transitions of life. I recommend her wholeheartedly!”

-Kirk D., CFP ChFC ChSNC


“Donna Bailey is an engaging, thoughtful and perceptive speaker. She has a world of knowledge, listens to and understands people well and shares information in an open, insightful and humorous manner without lecturing to her audience. She would be a fine addition to any program.”

-Lewis L., Media and PR Consultant and Political Campaign Manager, former  newspaper reporter and editor


“I have been working with Donna for over 6 years. I came to her feeling like my time and priorities were controlled by others and wanted to gain control of my life. From that first session, she has helped me focus on everything in my life, including finding the love of my life. She has restored my confidence, helping me find out who I really am and what I want.

My work with Donna taught me that by clarifying my vision of what I wanted and being open would take me to feeling that joy I so wanted. It seemed like magic over the years, though I know it was her guidance and wisdom and my hard work that helped to create the life I love now.

-Steve M.,  Entrepreneur,  Alameda, CA