From My Corner


I have a third floor apartment in an old apartment building that isn’t in the greatest part of town. But I love the perch that overlooks the most amazing life out there. Life I might never have seen from a nicer apartment in a better part of town.

I’ve  been sitting in corners of rooms in the many homes I’ve  occupied in my gypsy lifetime. I always found the perfect room where the morning light arrived and created a feeling of abundance and reverence when my body says “Get up! You might miss something.”

Some mornings I see the fox who seems to violate the rule of being a nocturnal animal, grabbing the early hours just as the sun breaks through the mist that loves floating down my street. Other mornings, there are doves perched on all three sides of the pitched roof of the church that my living room window frames so perfectly. The “Holy Triumpherate” I call them.

A few weeks ago,  a bald eagle sat atop the very unattractive transformer on the telephone pole. Can you believe that! And hawks abound. I’m really going to miss their calls as winter moves in right behind that fog coming down the street.

Then there are the people…so many stories out my window. They feel like old friends…the man walking his Golden Retriever without ever knowing how happy he makes me feel during this crazy pandemic.  People on their bikes heading for work. And the homeless man with his dog who adores him and is well cared for by someone who might just surprise people that believe “they can’t take care of an animal or afford one if they don’t have the money for food”. Every time I see them, they are taking care of each other.

The Daisy Scouts constructed a food cabinet that now sits in front of the church. In these times when 1 in 5 of our own children are not getting enough to eat, people from every walk of life show up for food and toiletries in the early morning hours or sometimes after dark. I know their stories from my own personal experience as a young child . Watching them open the glass doors, I can still feel the sadness and shame of it, and the gratitude for the goodness of that Scout troop.

Right outside my window, there’s everything life is about. Nature to soothe me. Daily reminders to get up and do something for others, and the gift of inner peace that can be hard to come by these days. I hope you have a place that gives you nourishment and that you feel a call to action that will remind you just how powerful you are right now. Start with voting…that’s the most important thing all of us can do to create lasting change.


Feeling like you are untethered and powerless? Looking for a plan to get through this time with less anxiety and sadness? I would be honored to listen to you and help you find ways to weather this storm. Just email me at and we will make a plan.